World Migration Report – Insights from policy officials

Image credit: Camilo Cruz / IOM
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Published on
March 15, 2022

This research brief is an output of the project Building resilient migration management systems: Developing a World Migration Report digital toolkit for policy officials. The project has received support from the Geneva Science-Policy Interface in 2021-2022 within its Impact Collaboration Programme.

To inform the development of interactive digital tools tailored to policy officials’ needs, the Global Migration Centre first gathered insights from policy officers during September and early October 2021 1 about their use of migration knowledge products. Policy officer respondents were asked general questions about their access to and use of such products, as well as their specific experiences with the World Migration Report series.

This report presents the analysis of insights gathered from 26 policy officers working on migration from 19 countries, including 18 survey responses at the country level and eight interviews with policy officials at Missions to the UN in Geneva (quotes shown are from the interviews conducted).

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