Capacity building

Through our Learning at the boundary (L@B) programme, we provide capacity-building opportunities for scientists, Geneva-based policy professionals and intermediaries willing to contribute more effectively to science-informed policymaking in practice.  

The L@B programme

Building strong interfaces between policy and research actors requires the contribution of a chain of professional actors fulfilling different roles at different times. 

At the heart of interface dynamics, skilled intermediaries are needed to identify and communicate policy needs; translate research and broker knowledge; facilitate interactions and build relations, and ensure the overall quality and timeliness of science-policy interaction. 

At each end of the spectrum, scientists and policy professionals themselves need some foundational culture and competences of science-policy engagement. However, there are still very few opportunities to acquire those skills and to develop professionally as a trained boundary-spanner.

Our L@B programme aims to: 

  • Explore how science-policy interfaces work in practice in global governance networks
  • Learn about strategies, practices, and skills required to span the boundaries between science and and global policy in different professional context(s)
  • Offer practical advice and exposure to professional actors working at the science-policy interface    
  • Provide networking opportunities with experts and practitioners from the international Geneva ecosystem
  • Promote mixed audiences interactions to foster mutual understanding and alignment around knowledge needs.

Tailor-made activities

Each activity is designed to address the specific needs of our audience in terms of engagement at the science-policy interface.

Our L@B activities currently include:

  • A yearly Summer school at the University of Geneva for young professionals from scientific institutions and international organisations;
  • Study tours within International Geneva for scientists willing to strengthen their international policy engagement pathways;
  • Tailored workshops within scientific institutions seeking to provide perspectives for their early and mid- career researchers on new professional development opportunities in relation to international policymaking; 
  • Expert inputs in structured programmes of partner organisations (Diplo Foundation annual course on science diplomacy; GESDA Science Diplomacy Week, etc.)

Over time, we aim to build a network of skilled and self-aware boundary spanners that can contribute cutting-edge knowledge, skills, best practices, networking and information-sharing opportunities on effective science-policy impact pathways across the main thematic areas of the Geneva ecosystem

If you want to know more about our L@B activities, please contact mialy(dot)rann(at)unige(dot)ch

Upcoming opportunities

June 24, 2024
June 28, 2024

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Environment & sustainability

Past activities

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