Mobilising science for global challenges: a study tour in the Genevan hub of global governance

November 21, 2023 8:00 AM
November 23, 2023 7:00 PM

With global crises becoming more complex and intertwined, science plays an important role in informing policymaking, from setting agendas to designing and implementing policies. International Geneva is host to a highly favorable ecosystem that creates opportunities for science to join the policy table and for policy to inform science on knowledge gaps, pairing knowledge and action for the common good. Exchanges and dialogues between researchers and policy actors in Geneva can help strengthen the science-policy interface. This programme invites 10-15 selected early- and mid-career researchers from three universities – University College London, University of Geneva and University of Zurich – for a study trip in the heart of international Geneva's ecosystem of global governance.

Learning objectives

  • Understanding of Decision-Making: Researchers will gain insights into international decision-making processes, enabling them to align their research with global agendas and contribute to evidence-based policymaking.
  • Policy Engagement Skills: Participants will develop strategies for engaging with policymakers, communicating research findings, and bridging the gap between academia and policymaking.
  • Expanded Networks: The programme will provide opportunities for networking and collaboration with researchers from diverse backgrounds, fostering knowledge exchange and potential research partnerships.
  • Interdisciplinary Exposure: Participants will engage with peers from various disciplines, broadening their perspectives and encouraging interdisciplinary approaches to addressing global challenges.
  • Cultural Competence: By engaging with international researchers and policy professionals, participants will develop cultural competence and the ability to work effectively in a global context.


Day 1: Multilateral policymaking and the mobilisation of science, United Nations Office in Geneva

Understand multilateral policymaking in Geneva and existing processes related to the mobilisation of science by international organisations.


·   Francesco Pisano, UN Knowledge & Learning Director, UNOG

·   Alexandre Hedjazi, Institute for EnvironmentalSciences, UNIGE

·   Michael Sparrow, Head of Climate Research Division, WMO

·   David Vivas, Chief of Section in the Trade, Environment, Climate Change and Sustainable Development Branch, UNCTAD

·   Rhea Sinha, Trainee in multilateral diplomacy, UNITAR

Day 2: Science-policy engagement through intermediaries, Geneva Environment Network & UK Permanent Mission to the UN and the WTO

Understand the role of specialised boundary organisations and explore formal science-policy mechanisms within conventions’ secretariats.


·   Diana Rizzolio, Geneva Environment NetworkCoordinator, UNEP

·   Gregory Giuliani, Head of the Digital Earth Unit, UNEP-GRID

·   David Hoffmann, Coordinator NAP Global Network, IISD

·   Josef Ostřanský, Policy advisor, IISD

·   Kari de Pryck, Institute for Environmental Sciences, UNIGE

·   Agustín Harte, Programme officer, BRS Convention

Representatives of the UK Science & Innovation Network in Switzerland (tbd)

Day 3: Exchanges on practices of science-policy engagement, University of Geneva

Exchanges between the group and with experts based in Geneva on science-policy engagement strategies.


·  Evelina Trutneviye, Renewable Energy Systems group, UNIGE

·  Rafael Ruiz de Castañeda, Lead of One Health Unit, UNIGE

·  Michel Jarraud, Secretary-General Emeritus, WMO

Registration is open until Friday 13 October 2023:

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November 21, 2023 8:00 AM
November 23, 2023 7:00 PM

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Mobilising science for global challenges: a study tour in the Genevan hub of global governance